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Boshan furnace - Posted By qzz10011 (qzz10011) on 16th Nov 17 at 3:12am

Boshan furnace also known as Boshan incense burner, Boshan aromatherapy, Boshan smoked furnace and other names, is the Chinese Han, Jin period folk incense incense used in the apparatus.
Common for bronzes and ceramics. The furnace was bronze in the bean-shaped, covered, covered with high and sharp, hollow, was Yamagata, Yamagata overlap, during which carved birds and beasts, a symbol of the legendary sea mountains - Boshan named (Han Dynasty Sheng Penglai, Boshan, Ying Chau three mountains).
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In fact, there is indeed here, its land in the west of Penglai Shandong Luzhong, Zibo City Boshan area, Boshan area throughout the mountain, there is no flat land, "Boshan" that is in the southeast of the area. Since the ancient Boshan area (ancient name Yan town) is China's ancient ceramics, kilns an important origin. Boshan furnace name that is like the appearance of the mountains like the mountains, and co-origin of the name.custom vacuum furnace
Boshan furnace under the base. Some over the body decorated with cloud pattern, and some gilt or gold and silver wrong. When the furnace belly burning spices, the flue gas from the hollow out of the mountain shape, like Xianqi filled, giving people the feeling of exposure to fairyland. Is commonly used in the Western Han Dynasty incense apparatus, can be used to smoked, smoked to be deodorant, avoid foul. Boshan furnace for the early quality of copper, followed by the development of technology, the appearance of the application of gilt, or wrong gold, silver. Boshan furnace popular in the Han Dynasty, later generations have used and imitation. Famous Boshan furnace has been unearthed in Xingping County, Shaanxi Province, the Western Han Dynasty gilt silver bamboo section of high-handle copper smoked furnace and unearthed in Mancheng County, Hebei Province, the wrong gold Boshan furnace.
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