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Smurfette - Posted By LornaRose (lornarose) on 22nd Jun 11 at 3:02pm
Cost: 30 smurfberries

Bonus: 15 XP per smurf nearby every 3 hours

When the red heart appears over Smurfette's head, tap her and she will give XP according to how many smurfs are around.

This is great when you have a lot of smurfs near her, but not so much since she walks all around the village and it's really a hit or miss situation.

Re: Smurfette - Posted By akc (akcorcoran) on 14th Aug 11 at 11:19pm
Thanks for the info!

I was wondering if it mattered where Smurfette's house is in the village, other than it looking nice? I'm not sure if it matters b/c she hangs out more near her house or the wandering pattern is just random...?

We did follow the advice to put the farm over a bridge so sometimes we catch more smurfs that way but I did wonder about her house.


Re: Smurfette - Posted By LornaRose (lornarose) on 15th Aug 11 at 2:04am
I don't believe it matters where her house is placed. I personally don't have Smurfette so I don't know for sure, but she does wander, so I don't think it matters.