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Unified vision of the project - Posted By akfa (akfa) on 25th Mar 22 at 1:00pm
Unified vision of the project
All participants have a common understanding of the goals and objectives of the project. If questions arise in the process, the roadmap helps to analyze the interim results and make small changes. At the same time, all interested parties will immediately find out about them.

For example, if you have problems with deadlines due to the supplier during the execution of the task, you can change the dates in the roadmap, thus notifying all participants of the process about the schedule shift.

Isolating the team from unnecessary comments
Third-party project participants — for example, investors or customers - often interfere in the course of work. This may cause discomfort for the team that is engaged in implementation and should not negotiate or deal with other people's issues.

For example, the designer should not listen to the client's recommendations on choosing a color scheme that has already been agreed.

The roadmap helps stakeholders to observe without interfering with the production process and regulating issues only at the upper levels.

Re: Unified vision of the project - Posted By Fred (fred73) on 26th Mar 22 at 8:39am
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Re: Unified vision of the project - Posted By noutun (noutun) on 26th Mar 22 at 9:20am
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Re: Unified vision of the project - Posted By Renta (renta) on 26th Mar 22 at 9:23am
There are three types of influencers: celebrities, macro influencers and micro influencers. Celebrities, for example, are the athletes, musicians, and actors you are used to seeing. They have over 1 million followers with an engagement rate of 2-5% per post. In general, they have the highest reach but generally the lowest engagement. Also, due to their great appeal, they are rarely suitable for reaching a specific target audience. Advertising through such celebrities is akin to buying TV ads from a major network.

Re: Unified vision of the project - Posted By jamkowyj (jamkowyj) on 26th Mar 22 at 9:48am
With all questions, you need to turn to professionals, they know what to do and do it for them and pay money. Designers themselves know what to do so that their work would please the client. Advertising is the engine of trade, but in order for everything to work, you need to have a plan or roadmap in which direction to move.

Re: Unified vision of the project - Posted By noutun (noutun) on 26th Mar 22 at 10:26am
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