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Seize Chance to Obtain 6% Off RS Gold from RSorder (13th Feb 20 at 8:11am UTC)
Is there any way to stop animated gifs from animating in Firebird? I'm just starting to rs gold for sale use 0.7 (the last stable release), and I really like it, except that you apparently can't turn off the damn gifs. This is a deal killer for me, I'm afraid. A gif (or several gifs, and I'm looking at you, Guardian) flashing at me is really distracting when I'm trying to read a page. (Bouncing java applets ditto, but they're another kind of problem.)

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I still have Oliver with us, he might not have any hands or feet but he is still my smiley, brave little boy.we went through was horrendous, and I had never been so scared in my life.Oliver was so brave that I knew I had to be brave too. I am his mum, and it my job to fight for him and make him feel safe.
I feel like I'm covering a lot of fields (economics, politics, sociology), but maybe there's even more! Based on a MetaFilter discussion from several months ago, I watched Adam Curtis's Century of the Self, and think that a lot of the content in the film, while not necessarily something I agreed with, was important in pushing me to learn more about human nature. But to understand that film, I felt like I needed a lot more background in Freudian theory than my psychology degree ended up providing me with.
Are there flag semaphores in Sea of Thieves?If you unaware of exactly what a sema or semaphores are, it essentially the act of sending signals to other ships using different flags and positioning. Let say you want to let a nearby ship know that you mean no harm, seafaring mateys of the real seas would tell you to throw up a white flag.
According to media reports, the teenager's "bomb threat" consists of the following rap lyrics: "I'm not in reality, So when u see me f go insane and make the news, the paper, and the f federal house of horror known as the white house, Don't f cry or be worried because all YOU people f caused this s ."
Takahashi, who now writes for Venture Beat, details how the Microsoft decision to rush the console to shelves has contributed to the problem that many gamers face. It six pages but amazing sourced and smartly written. It also meant to be a last chapter to Takahashi book The Xbox 360 Uncloaked: The Real Story Behind Microsoft Next Generation Video Game Console. Matt has built a great site dedicated to covering the business of venture capital and start ups. I hope to expand upon that by working with Eric Eldon and MG Siegler on a new blog covering the business of digital media. I will be working out of my home, preferably in my warm ups, and will still try to keep my finger on the pulse of what interesting in Silicon Valley. I will still be covering video games there, but in a different way. The focus will be on business, not so much on reviews. But I hope to bring an intimate knowledge of games to the business coverage that will still make it fun for people who are purely interesting in playing.

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