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Cold Repair Material Features (16th Aug 16 at 8:43am UTC)
1, all-weather type of repair materials

Huatong cold patch material applicable to wide ambient temperature range, between -30 ℃ to 50 ℃ applicable, can be repaired potholes in the rain and damp harsh environmental conditions.

2, simple construction

Without sticky layer of oil when using cold Huatong feeding pavement pothole repair. Allocations can be used with the check, no heavy construction machinery, may be employed depending on the impact compaction repair road condition, artificial or car tires rolling compaction can. And fed with cold Huatong patched area without closed to traffic, the traffic immediately, greatly ease the traffic pressure due to road construction and repair caused.

3, wide application

Huatong cold patch material and asphalt concrete, cement concrete, metal surfaces, wood surfaces, such as different substrate materials have good adhesion, can be widely used in road pavement damaged pit, digging potholes, pavement after laying underground pipelines restoration, covers around the bridge roadways, parking lots, airport runways and hard to reach parts of construction machinery repair and maintenance.

4, excellent quality

Huatong cold feeding path has a strong anti-aging properties and bonding, patching potholes in the life of more than 10 years, it is not prone to fall off, cracking and other undesirable phenomena, without duplication of repair.

5, low repair costs

Use cold patch material construction, the pits from the weather and the size and number of restrictions Huatong, repair and without heating or stirring, can access at any time based on the actual amount of residual material can continue to use in the next patch, and will not cause waste materials. Truly 100% utilization. Ready to take the patch instead of the traditional way of centralized repair, will be the most economical and effective.

6, easy to transport

Huatong fed with cold patch areas without closed to traffic, the traffic immediately, can greatly ease the traffic pressure due to road construction and repair caused.

7, green

Huatong production and use cold patch asphalt material does not produce smoke, waste, and the finished product is insoluble in water and therefore does not pollute the atmosphere and underground water, are environmentally friendly.

8, easy to save

Huatong cold patch material can be in the case of indoor and outdoor uncovered storage, if stored bulk material, recommends a minimum of 20 to 30 tons of cold storage fed and stacked in a pyramid shape, the housing is formed with a long loose material mixing internal use . Bulk storage of more than two years, the bags can be stored indefinitely and will not agglomerate. Low temperature construction, it should be placed above 5 ℃ warehouse storing 24 were childhood.

9, significant social benefits

Huatong use cold patch asphalt material can be repaired potholes, so that the road to maintain smooth, beautiful, to ensure smooth traffic and reduce the number of road repair work and prolong the service life of the road.
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